Hi welcome to a collection of my game projects that I've been working on. My name is Douglas Warouw and I'm a Broadcast Graphic Designer by day, a father of 2 by night and in the vampiric hours of the morning I'm a indie game developer.

I hope you get some joy out of playing the games I'm creating and please feel free to contact me via Twitter @dougalicious I'd love to hear your feedback - good or bad. :)

Zombie Tales is a first person zombie shooter made for iOS and Android. It also includes a level editor so you can build and share your own zombie FPS levels.
Try the FREE LITE version for iPhone and iPad.
GO PRO for $2.99 to get all the weapons and assets on iPhone and iPad.
And $2.99 for Android Tegra devices.

Zombie Days is a random generated first person zombie shooter made for IOS.
Play FREE in browser.

[tesseract] is a first person puzzle creator for iPad. Create, download and share levels.
Development website.
Play $3.99 for iPad.

Konstruct XP is a first person puzzle explorer for iPhone. Download levels created with [tesseract] for iPad.
$0.99 for iPhone.


WHITEOUT is a first person experience set on an Ice Station. Working on sound design.

Zombie Truck is a top down driving game. You get to run down Zombies or cut them in half with your truck.